Medical Scam - 386-600-4105

Scam Number: 386-600-4105

It is your typical phishing/identify theft scam. They are calling from several spoofed numbers about “great offers of health insurance” with the callback number of 386-600-4105. It’s obviously done in violation of TCPA and DNC. I also don’t need any health insurance. I called them around 9:40 AM CST and spoke with “Marie”. They also called me back from 806-621-9125

Looks like they are calling a lot of people:

Scam Number: 386-600-4105 - This female cannot answer basic simple questions when you ask where she is. Trying to kid on that they are in Pembrook Place Florida?

Light her up folks.

Put both numbers in a group call… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

They keep trying to speak to one another in english or spanish. Unfortunately my spanish is only really good to order a beer and Sangria.

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I think they may be Filipino scammers, just like the fake Canadian pharmacy scam. Let’s get them angry and upset!

@Sol: You speak Spanish, don’t you? Perhaps, you could call these scammers in Spanish and curse them out for their behavior?

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Yup, those pharmacy idiots are like a bad cold! Cannot get rid of them!

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And these particular ones at 386-600-4105 are even worse. It’s a phishing scam/identity theft operation posing as “selling medical insurance to people” to steal their info.