Medical Pill Scam

+1 800-532-4808

Pretty disgusting that they can sell medication like this over the phone, some of these meds can be very dangerous in the wrong hands

its active

Still active. Lady hates her job. Sounding like she doesn’t want to even be there.

I called said the fat tablets I ordered made me fat… and she said…“thats what you ordered fat tablets”


This is seriously weird stuff. The guy sounded forced… as if he hated being in his skin.

I asked if I can order without having a prescription.

They told me I would have to order first and it would take 24 hours until they tell me if I get my stuff.

I don't know what country they are at ... boths guys I spoke to are not Indian.

It would be easier if the person on the other end didn't sound absolutely unhappy. Yeah, still not excuse to scam.

It would be nice if everyone was happy, honest-and insured.

This was really creepy. I still hear the tortured sounding voice of the guy I spoke with in my head.

nive to know, they only have 4 or 5 lines in total

its easy to flood them XD

I asked if they did Wii u repairs and they kept saying “stay on the line i’ll call the police”