Medical alert scam


I’d recommend adding the phone number tag and a description. We can’t call if we know nothing about the number.


They told me that my relative got injured but they wouldnt tell me the name for “Security purposes”.


@Dvandyne1982#6657 Did they cold call you? If so what was the medical crisis they said your family member had.

@FuelDaFlame#6669 They told me that the medical emergeny was of a road accident.

They cold called me but I was at work and couldn’t talk long. I knew it was a scam cause they called me by my name that I use to scambait with.

Thanks for the share. @Dvandyne1982#6694

@FuelDaFlame#6695 your welcome…im a new person on here so I have to get used to the site lol

It shouldn’t take too long, refer to replace/p/1-privacy and replace/d/2-rules so you know how things work around here. I’d also recommend joining the discord so you can chat with other users.


Here, we might use malware take down the scammers.

What are you talking about @Jnteamed#6707

@Jnteamed#6707 what are you on about m8?

This call always works if you call and they wont shut down the number ever because it is actually quite a big company which has hold of many toll free numbers starting with 888. (Even if the company receives a lot of spam. )