*“We’re filing legal paperwork with your county and your state within the next 24 to 48 hours due to an unresolved charged up debt. If you want to prevent the illegal filings, we are offering an economic hardships settlement of $289 to pay off your account and prevent any legal action from taking place. For more detailed information on how to take advantage of the settlement opportunity. You can contact our office directly at area code 904-541-8369. Once again, that number is area code 904-541-8369. Thank you.”


“Hi, this is Alani, how can I help you?”

Scammer will claim you owe a settlement for a “cash advance loan” with Advance America, using all sorts of scare tactics to give them your social security number. The numbers belong to Global Processing Services, an illegal debt collection company claiming to do business from a Staples store located at 285 Kingsley Avenue, Suite A - #1205, Orange Park, FL 32073.

The company behind these scam calls actually goes under the name of Mediation Processing Services, LLC, an unlicensed collections agency with a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau. They are listed as operating from 155 Blanding Blvd Ste 6c-d, Orange Park, FL 32073-2630.

The company was also subject to several lawsuits in the states of California, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire and Utah for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Act

Viet Huynh v. Global Processing Services, LLC et al 8:2022cv01844 | US District Court for the Central District of California | Justia

Parties for Batt v. Mediation Processing Services LLC, 1:17-cv-01723 –

Baker v Mediation Processing Services LLC et al | 1:21-CV-00852 | Court Records - UniCourt

Penning v Global Processing Services, LLC et al | 1:22-CV-01006 | Court Records - UniCourt

21-310 - Neff v. Mediation Processing Services, LLC - Content Details - (

Associated Phone Number - (904) 256-4936


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Associated IP Address -

Got a call from this business. Regarding a credit card debt from 2003 (NOT 2013, not 2023). When asked for proof of liability, they stated i had no lost my rights to negotiate the debt and the suit they filed at the courthouse will proceed. Check clerk of court no suit filed, no process served. Unfortunately for these folks, I’m a financial investigator and frankly they upset my wife with threats and lies so that upset me. So i did some digging.

This business is now on as Global Processing Services LLC EIN 81-4211480, They changed their name in 2021 likely due to multiple federal lawsuits filed in the 10th Fed Circut in CO. I have found no evidence they have ever actually filed suit but they lost all three filed against them by default judgement case# 1:2017cv01723 1:2018ap0105 1:2021cv00310. apparently i’m not the only one they pissed off.

The publicly available name change amendment lists Jalpha Powell as president with a residential address of 4533 Gray Hawk St Orange park FL. Public records at Clay Co. property appraisers show the property is owed by the president of the corporation Jalpha Powell.

While it may appear I am doxxing these people, this is all very public information if one knows were to look.

Frankly what they are doing by threatening people borders on criminality. It certainly is civil fraud. They use the threats of suits to scare people into paying small sums. They actually told my wife, that POTUS a waived the statute of limitation in FL statute 95.11 due to COVID to convince her to pay.

Again they picked the wrong person to anger in me. I am not making any threats, but I intend to pursue all legal options including filing suit in the southern district of fl for damages for emotional trauma and attempted theft.

I have alerted both the county sheriff, local PD and FDLE of this scam.


Follow up. Jalpha Powells number is 904-403-3749z I’m sure she’d love some text messages. It’s an iphone

Jalpha lost a case in California on March 23rd 2023, default judgement as Jalpha was served and ignored the summons, it seems. Jalpha owes plaintiff $8,635.50 ($2,000.00 in statutory damages for the FDCPA violation, $6,480.50 in attorneys’ fees, and $155.00 in costs). Case is Viet Huynh v. Global Processing Services, LLC et al, California Central District, service was served on husband James Powell. These seem to be real scum bags.

Yes real pillars of the community. They use the old company mediation processing services which no longer technically exists to hide who they really are.

I am making these people my personal project to ruin financially.