Mcafee Scammers

Scam Number: 1-866-594-9776
Scammer’s Website or Email: NA
Additional information about this scam: Mcafee Scammer, Seems like big scam call center, calls received by dumb paajits benchod. lets fcuk this mfers


866-594-9776 David Monday 7-8-24 11:35AM EST

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Carrier: 800TollFreeNow, with calls answered via Skype.
Answers as: McAfee
Remote Access Software: ConnectWise from (Code: 21474, IP: :us:), an iFrame of, or UltraViewer (ID: 83253009/PROFESSOR)

  • Once remotely connected, the bhenchod attempted to install ConnectWise, then the Google Chrome.
  • I was then asked to log into my nonexistent bank account. But as I don’t do online banking, the bhenchod ran the “netstat” command in the command prompt and asked me to purchase four $500 Target gift cards from my nearby CVS pharmacy.

Callback number: (613) 416-8913 (Verified Canadian, answers as PayPal Suppoat)

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Kevin Mathews:
Invoice number 4284962 - $ McAfee LifeLock subscription for $499

The guy is reading a script line by line :smiley: code 26078 for Support.Client.exe

another code 85570 for better viewing of my desktop with code


MFers are back

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Mcafee Scammer are back


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877-339-0524 Joseph Friday 7-19-24 12:58PM EST

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Just received a callback from
they’re trying to sell me a subscription:)
It seems my info is being sold on the DARK WEB:)

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855-200-2163 Friday 7-19-24 1:25PM EST

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