McAfee scam (828) 597-0683 "784.25

Scam Number: (828) 597-0683
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: I received this yesterday and only saw it now.

Successful Transaction for Recent service K86LGPLGO

Good afternoon john smith _ 3755736590

We are committed to ensuring that you receive a seamless flow of
information from our company. To ensure that you receive this
information, your recent purchase has been tagged with the reference .

McAfee+ Ultimate order receipt for $784.25, Your subscription from McAfee Corp. is now active.
For any assistance with your product, Call us at +1 (828) 597 0683
Order number
Order date Your account
May 14, 2024
[email protected]
Total Cost
Subscription 3 years
To terminate or extend your subscription , Contact
+1 (828) 597 0683
Plcase do not reply to thig emenmegseon. at-e to-res pond from this Corporate office : 90 Fordham Road Fairburn, GA 30213 Reference Humber 598G2DLYHIVONOT3C

Callback (630) 800-3541


Level 3 via Skype, “this side Jordan Smith” answered as “McAfee Help and Suppoat” before falsely claiming my computer came with a built-in free trial to McAfee, which was provided by the “hacker.”

  • In order to “cancel,” I was asked to “open the Google Chrome” and go to (IP: :netherlands:), which has also been used to impersonate PayPal, Microsoft and Norton.

(630) 800-3541 is a Magic Jack line.

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So the callback they gave me was another Magic Jack, when I call it back the system has a screening service. I’m not familiar with that but one time a person answered, it sounded like a real person answering, so if someone can advise if I should post the number?


First time the scammer asked me how I got the number. Second time, he wanted me to go to with code 61571

I see that someone recorded “SCAMMER” on voicemail. hahaah

Talking to Brian, who wants me use AweSun remote


Answering the line. with Norton… no no McAfee, :smiley:

Called them over 65 times, they keep picking up and taking the abuse. :smiley: