McAfee scam (808) 736-6539 "$499.00"

Scam Number: (808) 736-6539
Scammer’s Website or Email: fhelps dot us
Additional information about this scam: Email with fake charges.


Dear McAfee User,

This email confirms the order to:

You will get an invoice in your mail and it will reflect on your statement as payment to McAfee.

Billing Information:

Invoice Date: 09.14.2022

Invoice Id: MCA - MAC10928 - FE10967

Amount: $ 499.00

Expiry: 09.14.2025

This is a confirmation mail for the subscription of McAfee system security for next three year.

If you have any disputes call us toll free now :- +1 808 736 6539

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(808) 736-6539 Rings a few times, then drops. Wednesday 9-14-22 11:27AM

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Callback with John: (917) 768-2342