McAfee scam (801) 682-4306 "invoice"

Scam Number: (801) 682-4306
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Please be sure to write out important info so that our content is accessible to screen readers!

Found on and when I called I gave the amount 349.99 with a invoice ID 6034286.

The scam proceeded from there.


801-682-4306 Tuesday 6-11-24 3:24PM EST

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The code 31B088P was given to me, so now the codes have letters!?

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Callback for Alex (785) 333-8959


Yep, some have letters now!

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The ‘hackers got into my ip address and have all my info as they are very smart’. If I get him into the proper connect software, we’ll see exactly who’s smart.