McAfee Refund Scam

Scammer’s Number: 888-212-3558



Peter called me back with (551) 220-6280

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“Peter” fro Kolkata IP

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(551) 220-6280 This number is currently live. Sounds like they are in a small office or room.

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I told Adam if he is from Kolkata, he would not have a name like Adam.

(551) 220-6280 : Got human Sept. 16 at 12:53 p.m. EST.

line 551 220 6280 just ringing out.

Started calling 888-212-3558 at 12:09 PM (EST.) Mark answered, logged onto my VM with AnyDesk and transferred me to his boss Eric Johnson. Eric proceeded to go onto my fake bank and decided to use command prompt to act like I took $42,995 out of Chase Bank’s company funds. Afterwards he “explains” some stuff about how the IRS would detect me sending him the money back all in one go. He asked if I could use my savings account to direct $14k to him in a wire transfer and then gave me his banking account info to send it to. I pretended to drive all the way to the bank and acting as if the bank’s wiring system was down. Wasted an hour and a half of his time by doing that. After he says to withdraw the money and send it to an address he’d given me. Went to “Walmart” across town and got a safe, plus four $500 Walmart visa gift cards. I don’t think he realized at the time but you can’t use those cards online. Then I drove all the way back home and packed up the thing and went to Fedex to ship the package. By this time the call had been going for 4 hours and 40 minutes (4:42 PM for a reference.) so I just told him I’ll text him the tracking number. There is no tracking number and I wasted his entire day doing this. Had a few laughs making up fake stories and making him question his own desperation. Gonna report all of the info I’ve gotten to the FTC and hopefully they’ll wrap a bow on this call center.

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@IronStevie That is awesome! :bouquet: