McAfee/Norton antivirus support refund 339-345-2445

The toll free number is bogus but the CID used to robocall is active

3393452445 McAfee/Norton antivirus support refund

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Robocall :arrow_down:

That your antivirus subscription will be renewed by today. Your payment method on file will be charged for $189.99. Summary of charges premium annually at $189.99 per year. To avoid any interruption in service, please ensure that your payment method on file is up to date and can be charged for the above amount. If you have any questions or problems, please press one from your phone keypad to connect our account team now. Alternatively, you can call our toll free number 185-563-3590. We are open 24 by seven and seven days a week. Thank you.

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339-345-2445 Mark Friday 3-17-23 4:43PM EST