McAfee idiots (877) 888-1155

Scam Number: (877) 888-1155
Scammer’s Website or Email: N/A
Additional information about this scam:

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800TollFreeNow, “Richard Matt” answered as the “Cancellation Team for McAfee Suppoat” and asked me to “open the Google Chrome” and go to (Code: 74703, IP: :us:). I faked the download not working, and he hung up.

The moron knew I was a baiter… so he say, I will cancel it from our end and send you an email. Thanks


877-888-1155 Still Active Wednesday 5-15-24 2:31PM EST

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877-888-1155 Still Active Henry Thursday 5-16-24 12:05PM EST

877-888-1155 Still Active John Friday 5-17-24 11:10AM EST
802-347-3085 Call Back

Callback number for aka Jack