McAfee 888-614-2206

Scam Number: 888-614-2206
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:


John’s favorite color is white. “So, uh, what you want madam?”

Telnyx line, baiting with virtual machine.

They’re not impressed that I’m Amazon Suppoat

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888-614-2206 Monday 4-1-24 1:35PM EST



  • The scammer will falsely claim someone used my information to subscribe to McAfee, prompting me to run UltraViewer (ID: 69002170) and log into my nonexistent bank account.
  • As I don’t do online banking, I was asked to log into my email.

Says he would call me back. Sounds like a scam ongoing in the background. Many scammers involved. Everyone please spam the number.

I just keep calling back and playing that recording for them…

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Country India [IN]
Region Jharkhand
City patamda india


Fatty!!! How have you been? Missing you big time mate! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good to see you brother. Haven’t had much time to log on like I used to. But had a few minutes to hassle some scumbags.

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Kolkata chodes today again!
IP Details…

Country India
Continent Asia
Region West Bengal
City Kolkata
ZIP 700006
Timezone Asia/Kolkata
Internet Service Provider (ISP) RELIANCEJIO
Organization Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
AS number and name AS55836 Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
Reverse Unknown

Know what you mean and as I’m entering into college baseball umpiring season, I’ll be a stranger for a while too. Always good to hear from you brother!

ah cool…Big 12 country?

No, I work ACC, Big East, Ivy & American conferences.

My son went to Miss State and he was all in with baseball…the Natty a few years ago was cool to experience vicariously particularly when considering they destroyed Vanderbilt in the title game and we live in Nashville.

My good friend pitched there…great atmosphere down there to say the least! They take baseball seriously which I, having played D1 & some pro, so appreciate.

These Kolkata scammers scam Australia too. Their PC named “NBN Team” from Sydney


Yes@drwat, I caught that same scammer on my support.logmein server!

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I also saw Spooky Chicken, Australian baiter “NBN Team” Sydney

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