May 21 - 1114 CT Two Dimwits

202-794-9426 – Dimwit one, Officer Max Davis could not answer my questions so he sent me to Dimwit 2, Officer William Sanchez who did not like to be asked questions, realized he had a person who knew something about taxes so he just gave up and blocked my number. I love when I say I got the call while driving and they ask if I got it on my cell phone or my home phone. Yes, my home phone has a REALLY long cord! I cannot stand when they eat in my ear. I can’t figure out what the giggle was while I was on “hold” Of course, on “hold” just means they are listening to what you do and say. Also, I love the time-wasting name game. So I do the same to them, making them spell out theirs too. Oh, but I am not thru with them yet. Time to call 20 times and drive them nuts.

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 202-794-9426

Oh, I loved it when he said my town was “New Hamster”. Dontcha just wish the police would call you up and tell you that you are going to be arrested in an hour to give you time to pack a bag and scram?

Called them and it said call rejected

@TheHiddenScammer#31101 Probably because I called them 20 times from 20 different numbers back to back and harassed them with burps and hahas and MLB. One guy who answered thought that the “NOPE” thing was real and when he said IRS and I hit NOPE he said VAT? and I said NOPE and he kept asking what I meant. That was funny. The number may come up again later so try it again. They do that.