MAXERECP (pronounced: max-erept)- Male Supplements

Scam Number: (513) 840-7205 (866) 267-6915
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: “Jade” was calling me from the 513 number to offer me a “free trial” just now.

30 Capsules - 1 month supply, 1 in the morning before breakfast, 1 before I make love to my non-existent partner.
Lotion - to Lubricate and make my privates more “sensitive” to help me “go as many times” as I want.

$19.98 shipping & handling fee. Taking debit/credit, visa or master-card.

wants full name, address, card details. told me the 866 was the customer support line.
@LordOfTheRings @ObamaIsntReal @Welshman @drwat @Dragon1 @FIREFIGHTER619 @Jhawk @JusticeinTexas @linbaits @MajorLeeAwesome

address given was 1337 Kenya ligma balls you dirty scammer (60411 Chicago Illinois)
fucking bitch took the address
gave the card number 1234 5678 9101 1121 and explained it’s a special mastercard used for scambaiting, when scammers request card details

866 - Press 9. Wants ZIP CODE, FULL NAME. PRODUCT NAME, YOUR PHONE NUMBER, ORDER ID IF APPLICABLE. Just say you haven’t placed an order yet. Claiming to just be a third party customer service call centre operating without a business name again somehow lmao. Lady I dealt with was stubborn when I was trying to talk to a “manager” there, kept refusing. I was just put on hold whilst she was supposedly checking for an available one, after I told her as an employee it’s none of her concern after I already told her that’s it’s simply an “issue” with the company I only want to speak to a manager about, and I pointed out her refusal and told she’s actually failing to service me. She ended up telling me that there is no available manager but I can get a call back, so now I’m waiting for a call back. Been told it should be within the next 30 minutes.



As it stands, I still have not received a call back.