"Matrix Empire" PONZI SCHEME by Dustin Mansell

Popup - Earn Up To $2,047.50 Per MONTH Without Ever Enrol (matrixempire.com)

Registered via GoDaddy on August 25, 2022 (Updated August 28, 2022) - Whois matrixempire.com

Popup is a registration page for the Matrix Empire Ponzi scheme by Dustin Mansell, a “successful” online marketer and former lighting designer. For a monthly subscription of $45. this scam claims you can earn a one-of-a-kind compensation plan with residual income from people who sign up in your “matrix.”

The Ponzi Scheme originates from 10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Suite 110-402, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141, which belongs to a UPS Store.

Other fraudulent companies Mansell works with are:

  • TEXT ALN, a fraudulent SMS marketing company that also does business as Ringless ALN.
  • LiveGood, a Ponzi scheme specializing in selling fraudulent supplements.
  • ERC Tree, a fraudulent Employee Retention Credit provider
  • TruConnect, a BBB-accredited wireless service provider formerly known as FreePhoneMe that claims you can earn a free government phone through programs like Lifeline and the ACP. They are located at 1149 S Hill St #400, Los Angeles, CA 90015-2894, a FedEx post office.
  • MyTravel Ventures, travel scammers formerly known as Hapi Travel.
  • IX Global Nodes, a former Crypto-related Ponzi scheme that now redirects to tech support scams.
  • Quick Silver, a former Silver-related Ponzi scheme.
  • Infinity MatriX, a Crypto-related Ponzi scheme.
  • Weed And Dealers, a fraudulent seller of cannabis that accepts payments through Cryptocurrency.

Associated Facebook Accounts:
Dustin Mansell | Facebook
TEXT ALN | Facebook
TruConnect | Facebook

Associated Instagram Accounts:
TruConnect (@truconnect) • Instagram photos and videos

Associated Telegram Server - Telegram: Contact @DustinMansell

Associated TikTok Account - Dustin Mansell (@dustinmansell) | TikTok

Associated Twitter Accounts:
Dustin Mansell (@dmansell) / Twitter
TruConnect (@TruConnect) / Twitter

Associated YouTube Channel:
Dustin Mansell - YouTube

Associated Mobile Apps:
MyTruconnect by TruConnect - Apps on Google Play
Connecting to Apple Music.

Associated Phone Numbers:
(402) 413-6921

“Hello, please state your name after the tone and Google Voice will try to connect you.”

“Hey, Dustin here. You’re reached my mobile voicemail.”


(888) 399-7515

“This line is currently inactive”


(800) 430-0443

“Thank you for calling TruConnect, your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. For English, press 1.”


(844) 611-2100

“Enter ID then press #”


(844) 611-2121


(844) 921-2100


Associated Email Addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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