Does anyone know where I can get mal ware/ransomware samples?

If this is an in appropriate topic let me know!

I also believe you can get Malware Samples from “Malware Tips” but I believe you have to be a member though to have access to it. You can get a folder of recent Malware Samples from them but you must go into Command Prompt and convert then to a exe - that is pretty easy.

I would be careful with messing with Malware in VM's and make sure you have "Shared Folders" turned off at all times - you might want to consider turning the Network Connection off on the VM to be safe.

I would also install the Malware on the VM and not on your Host machine - I tried this once and both Sophos and Malwarebytes went crazy - wiped out my whole folder.

Thanks guys I would most likely be doing this on a burner laptop!! But the above advice is great!!!

VXHeaven has many but most are outdated. (like the 80s-Early 2000s)

The Zoo on github has some decent samples as well.

I am looking for something that doesn’t need a admin to approve me? I have tried with virus total…and get no responses from there admins?


Can you point me in there site a little better?


These are lists of site that contain malware right

I am looking for a site I can download samples from. I am trying to get in with virus total but the admins are not responding to my emails.

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As I said you can try this site - you have to become a Member though to access to it. I believe it offers individual samples of Ransomware and just general packs of random Malware daily.

This is another one for Malware - I personally haven't used it but I've heard about it before:

Also, I doubt Virus Total will respond or give you samples - They will be afraid about distributing Malware to people and people messing about infecting themselves and blaming them.

You could go about and ask some AV vendors through Email whether they will provide you with some samples for example Sophos or Emisoft - I doubt they will give you any but it's worth a try.

Thanks man…yea I am sure I would end up infecting myself but I don’t care…how risky is infecting VM’s with shared folder turned off as well as networking, spreading to the host? I know a lot of people do this on a VM on a server and remote in…or so I have heard that at least?

FYI maleware tips has plenty in there vault but downloads are disabled to new users…says you must have 100 posts first?

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I think it is extremely unlikely that a piece of Malware can spread from a VM to the Host - it would have to be pretty sophisticated to be able to do that.

I've never heard of any examples of any Malware leaking out of a VM before.

Some Malware however can detect a VM and simply won't run or the payload won't work.

Even if Malware did spread to your Host most AV's would detect it quickly anyway - if it did happen.

Avast even goes as far as blocking the running of Malware on a VM - this even happens if you whitelist it and is annoying.

@ITAdvocate#3300 VM escape is basically impossible. A version of VMware was once vulnerable, but that’s been patched a long time ago.

So yeah…There’s no danger…Unless shared folders are active…

Yea I still have no source for samples…maleware tips has tons but still don’t have enough posts to access them…I use virtual box…I believe shared folder are off? lol…i keep backups of backups anyways so if I did infect my host I wouldn’t be to bothered…unless hardware was harmed!


Ahh and I use avast...but i am not happy at recent changes they have made...and want to you have any other free ones you would recommend?? I have seen many AV's tested by the guy who has the pc security channel on youtube...looked like avast holds up well...I have used it for years...but the new update is horrible in my mind at least

I had been using Avast for about 6 years but just last year I gave up on it because the Adware they we pushing was annoying. They kept trying to push both Google Chrome and the Google Toolbar which I have no interest in which irritated me - alongside all the upgrade pop-ups were a nightmare.

I currently use Sophos Home and have it on quite a few machines alongside my Girlfriends' with it installed on - it seems to work fine and does the job - it is quite light also in comparison to others. It doesn't nag you to Upgrade or pushes any Adware or anything which is good in comparison to Avast.

I know Bitdefender free is also good but is also really basic - I haven't used Bitdefender in years though so can't say about how good it is now.

Sophos doesn't interfere with VM's which is also good but does block some Scammer Websites - which can be frustrating.

thanks I will look in to that. I just redid my laptop with a fresh install and limited what I let avast install. Seems those anoyying warning/there Adware hasnt been poping up.

About to do some scam baiting...have been waiting all day!!!!

If you ever get into a scammer’s computer, just run this file on their computer. It syskeys their computer and they don’t notice it. This script can syskey a scammer’s computer in one second.

Download: coming soon.

@Frank4207#3337 maybe download some file from some ghetto site