Make Scams More Fun

I can see back in 2005, 2006 IRS Scammer calls were “popular” and many many people in the US were getting called by fake IRD Benchodes. But what does the future hold for us scambaiters?

The 2 major types of scams I think are the biggest are spending your money by asking for a credit card number and stealing your data by using remote connection scams.

I feel techonology is moving too fast for telephone scams to contiune on and I’m afraid scambaiting may be a thing of the past.

So many people have access to the internet now that so many more people are aware of these IRS scams and any other scams mentioned above. Call centers may run out of victims and may close down.

What would be the future for scambaiting?

Let me know your thoughts.


elderly people still don’t know these things and will always be targeted


I think the scammers are in the same situation that the German Army was in in December 1944 during the Ardennes offensive, also known as the Battle of the Bulge. They have amassed their last reserves to make one final push. If scambaiter numbers grow and the number of scammers remain constant, I think scammers will become a rarity. However, if scambaiters drop the ball because we all want to be outside during “The Great Opening Up” in the United States and not on the phones, I think scammers will use the opportunity to do a lot of damage.


Nope. They are too busy dying of Covid. Don’t book any scenic river tours on the Ganges just yet!


I don’t want call centers to be shut down. The “Thank you for calling technical support” in Indian accent is golden!


Its a bitter sweet kinda thing