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Registered via GoDaddy on May 20, 2020 (Updated May 21, 2021) - Whois honeygain.me

VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - e99087b74d6aa0096bbf35dfb92334f37b19b518ebcb31fdb98695b54cfbf535

Associated Discord Account - ASH#0688 (UID:620631318283419669, From the Swagbucks server)

Associated Discord Server - Discord

Associated Facebook Account - Honeygain (facebook.com)

Associated Instagram Account - Honeygain | Passive income app’s (@honeygain_app) Instagram profile • 481 photos and videos

Associated Pinterest Account - https://www.pinterest.com/HoneygainOfficial?fbclid=IwAR1SWPzB07XCrmR21z0KjDdpZPVsrxuNOIHXimTq96cwUaD91KezkuqVx-0

Associated Subreddit - Honeygain | Passive Income - Effortlessly (reddit.com)

Associated Twitter Account - Honeygain (@Honeygain_App) / Twitter

Associated YouTube channel - Honeygain - YouTube

Associated Phone Number - (410) 236-3063


Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Associated Physical Address - 1446 Dartmouth Avenue, Parkville, MD 21234

Associated IP Address - (Obtained via a Grabify link to Youareanidiot.cc)

Program enables users to earn “passive income” by sharing their Internet connection with others. As it runs GPU processes, it could also be considered a Cryptominer.

The company has also reportedly hired a botnet to fake reviews on TrustPilot - Honeygain Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of honeygain.com (trustpilot.com)

There have also been reports from the Better Business Bureau about illegal files being downloaded online, prompting ISPs to block the website - Honeygain.com | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile (bbb.org)

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