Maintenance scam on PC (443) 356-6874

Its my first time finding a phone number that works so enjoy (443) 356-6874


Listed on BobRTC:

Oh, he was a nice chap.

“Have you ever seen in your a**hole?”

Dear Waffley and other fools.

this number belong to me. but the problem is you "assface", this call forwarded to 100 of other local NY number of good peoples. So it means you actually not hurting us but people who are innocent .

So please keep calling u dumb people. btw I am a hacker, a real one. LOL

@steveonaitis2025s#181580 Yeah ok skid

hey i found this.

You may contact us at BobRTC
+1 800 912 9394
120 Nazim Street
Bilal Town, Abottabad, Pakistan

Really Pakistan.

**PS. I'm a complete an utter asshat that has no idea what he's talking about.**

@steveonaitis2025s#181580 “I can run 2 commands that I found of off!”

@Cyberlytical#181506 Lol

@steveonaitis2025s#181583 bruh moment

We're waiting for you there, hope you will give us a visit.

So you are from Pakistan. and you guys are terrorist . Now a terrorist are the gatekeeper for spam calls in united states. Thats irony don’t you think

One more info; I am from united states btw. From PA. We made a complain about your website, and all other associate with this. its a physical complain it means someone visited the Attorney’s office today.

Please note that this is not a scam number but you made it scam and we will go till the end for sure.

Thanks, but no thanks

@steveonaitis2025s#181602 Really mature business owner discussing Nazism :slight_smile: . You can try and fight us though empty threats do not scare us. is not going down anytime soon

Its just an innocent dude. He said “I don’t know who you are trying to bug. My number got put on some website. I’m not a scammer.”

Firewall protection scam. Super aggressive potty mouth and death threats (281) 220-6508

@steveonaitis2025s#181602 why you crying? you madarchod, also banned from the site, please don’t visit again

Add (888) 706-1229. “Microsoft” scammers.