Mackeeper/PCkeeper Scam

Do not install/download Mackeeper or PCkeeper! Both scams, if you call. You hear an Indian accent.

Site's: and
Phone numbers: United States: 1 (866) 988-6766 (PCkeeper)
United Kingdom: 0 (800) 098-8451 (PCkeeper)
Australia: 1 (800) 429-736 (PCkeeper)
Germany: 0 (800) 182 0572 (Mackeeper)
United States: 1 (888) 572 5876 (Mackeeper)
United Kingdom: 0 (808) 189 1280 (Mackeeper)
Australia: 1 (800) 462 715 (Mackeeper)

Just to add to this, they are known for using typo domains to redirect to their software. Stay away from them completely.

@thunder#677 Thank you!

How do you even bait these people, I told them I was having some issues with my PC and they insisted on me installing PCKeeper instead of remote connection.

@MTS11648#805 Try telling them you are having problems installing the software or something

@Robin#676 The UK number is now down. They only accept email and live chats now.

Is it safe to bait them?