Macafee refund now answering norton (877) 809-0713

Scam Number: (877) 809-0713
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam: Active…invoice is from macafee but answering norton at this time


877-809-0713 Malechode Wednesday 12-14-22 4:44PM EST

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Talking to a female scammer she asked for the oder id first they say Norton so i was like is this Mcafee or Norton and she was quite for a few mins. She then asks what browser i use i said google. the remote support.client. lol i told her my computer is doing windows updates and it says dont shut down. She gave me a call back 402-892-2811


877-809-0713 Still Active Mike Friday 12-16-22 1:22PM EST

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they use

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Also Norton scam Screen Connect

and Screen Connect
form and

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402-892-2811 She is fake Olivia Williams. GeekSquad and Norton scammer too. (
Country : India (IN) Area Code : Unknown ISP : Jio
City : Kolkata
(888) 526-3153

(888) 526-3153 answering this morning

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