Maahir returns.....again

Hello I have been using this website for quite a long time and I am curious to know when will Jnteamed2017 make his call flooder private?(I saw a program in his video.)

My name @ParodyGordon

I find it incredible that anybody watches his videos.

@1337mathster#8394 Err why?I think they are fun!He uses scripts and many tools.However he is too slow with his work,which might make it incredibly boring.LoL

Plus 1337mathster do you have the script for call flooder?

@JnUnTeamed#8398 he needs to get things ready before he starts his videos

@scraps210#8399 Exactly!He wastes 1 hour in setting his VM,30 mins in his breaks and just 15 mins for scam baiting;!

Why this thread exists is beyond me.

“Hello I have been using this website for quite a long time”

Joined 2 hours ago....

Using the site and being regsitered on the website are two different things.

@JnUnTeamed#8404 what do you want here?

@1337mathster#8405 What do you mean?I am here for scambaiting,you are no one to tell me anything.

@JnUnTeamed#8407 What are you even raging about? Triggered whelp

@1337mathster#8409 Ok fine,dont talk to me bruv.

Maahir, I thought we told you to piss off

@1337mathster#8412 I am just trying to be nice and helpful now,but you guys ar banning me constantly.I apologized once.I just need one chance,please.

[“Jnteamed 2017”,“Maahir returns…again”]

@JnUnTeamed#8414 lol we all saw what you sent reaper. And that was after your initial ‘apology’.

@1337mathster#8416 'I have sorted out the things,it was a clear case of misunderstanding.I thought he was the one who had posted my skype username on various websites,however it later striked me that it might have been somebody else.

I thereafter drafted a letter of apology and sent it to the respected admins and good moderators of

We have no problems now.


Why? Also with the 30 Minite laziness.

Yeah, i do whatever.

You stole my signature you madachod.

@FuelDaFlame#8435 Interesting, Maahir. I think he’s just here to troll.