Lower your CC Interest Scam - 1-800-670-3258


This is a lower your credit card interest rate scam with a couple of twists.. and for all I know, it may actually be legit! But I called and got a femscammer with a very heavy Indian accent, to the point of not quite understanding what she was saying at certain times. To qualify, you have to have more than $2000 combined debt on your Capital One card and any others combined. Told her I didn't have a Capital One card and she said that was no problem and not a requirement. Then she went into the details and said that if I signed up for the debt reduction program, I would not be allowed to use the charge card while enrolled! I said that wouldn't work, so then she said that I could get a low interest bridge loan to cover my credit cards and other loans like home or car. Told her I didn't want a loan either. At that point, she thanked me for my time, said they couldn't help me, and hung up.

Legit or no - you decide!

@Otis#151059 Apparently, it is not affiliated with Capital One, and quite a few people have been getting this call. Capital one says they have no such promotion and would never call out like this. When I called this number, the lady I spoke with did confirm that they were a 3rd party ‘affiliate’, unlike the normal robocall guys who claim on their mothers life that they ARE Mastercard/Visa and NOT a 3rd party company, so at least they are being somewhat honest - if that makes much difference. What good is me telling you my name if I still rob you <grin>

Someone poke these guys and see what falls out... I gotta run do some stuff and can't play for the next few hours.