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This notification memo has been sent to you three times without a response from you and this will be the last time and I do hope you receive it. I am Clay Tousey am 69, I live at Ponte Vedra Beach.June 5th 2021 i won the $285.6 Million Power-ball Jackpot Lottery. I have deemed it necessary to donate the sum. of USD 1,000,000 to you, to show appreciation to God and Power-ball for the opportunity I got in a lifetime. Mind you, it is not a regular circulation neither did I make this public, it’s the direct donation from me to you.

However, for more insight and to receive this cash grant, please let me know immediately

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You might ask how and why I selected you it was by random email selection from google and I got your email address myself I want to change your life too from my winning.

reply to me with your acceptance if you wish to receive my donation to you

Thank you and congratulations once again!

Clay Tousey.
Power-ball Jackpot Winner.
trustee of The Love You More Trust

The Love You More Trust Becomes Florida's 16th Powerball Jackpot Winner | Powerball

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