Looking to meet new people who would like to collab and call together

Hey everyone I am an avid scambaiter looking to have some fun with some new people going after these scumbags haha hope to meet you guys soon I have made a simple server to help get out there in the community. Hope we can have a group to collab with and call / have a good time baiting these guys


I’m glad you’re trying to find a community too work with. Have you joined the team SDS discord? There’s an active community there that does all kinds of calls and work. You can find the link on this site

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Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: If you want to call some scammers, mostly for trolling as much as anything else, and you don’t mind being streamed on youtube/twitch, some of my friends and I will be calling some scammers tomorrow morning 9/7.
If you are interested, and would like an invite to my discord, please feel free to PM me.