Looking for scam baiters

If anyone wanna coop with me in rating scammers and returning money to victims leave ur skype below.






Jnteamed, My VM still in progress. We will take the scammers all down. Once and for all. When I have access on their computer, I can install rootkits on their computer. I am still working on my VM.

@Jnteamed#2698 Yo dude, Wanna Skype? I can get lots of numbers we can call.


I gave it some thought, and as much as i like the ppl here, i’d rather rat alone, since i saw a couple of guys here trying to scam-bait scam-baiters (which is pretty idiotic to start with) it’s just that i don’t realy trust anyone, no offence ?

i’ll still keep on uploading ratted companies and scammers when i’ll finish with them nonetheless.

@dotzek#2710 actually my idiot friend was that and i was in a discord call with him and i said him to dont do it but he did it and recorded it, and he accidently played my voice too, i said “i cant stop” and i dont eaven remember why. My goal is to stop the scammers too, my plan is not to waste the scambaiters time, cuz its acutally a very time-taking work too. My skype name is dani00054 if you are intrested.

@Harkaj33#2714 You have butchered the English language to the point where I can’t make heads or tails of your reply

My Skype is Flinty94 ?

mario.nascimento8 Would love to help. Not that it has anything to do with this but I am Computer Security Analyst, which means I reverse engineer viruses for a living.

I am in!!! I love this!!

If this post is still active, i mean i can help. Or we will have to add the "dead " tag.

This thread is more or less dead. We appreciate the intent tho.


@Incaminated#2700 Hey mate this is a pretty late comment but I would be down, my skype is darksiderz11