Looking for "Join the Illuminati" scammers

Apparently there are scammers in Nigeria who try to get idiots to send them money to “join the Illuminati” or “join the NWO”. Does anybody know anything about these scams?

@memes#6202 Never heard of that one. Will look through the interwebs for some examples.

Yep, I’ve had one email. They (of course) wanted money before I “joined the NWO”. I think the scammer who emailed me asked for some ID but this probably varies from scammer to scammer. I signed up to a mugu guestbook with a mail.com account but after a month of receiving spam and scam emails, mail.com deleted my account so I can’t retrieve the email for you.

I’ve witnessed “join the WHO” scams, I’ve never seen a “join the NWO” scams. I’d join either way, even if it was a scam.

It’s interesting I came across this post, as I received one about four days ago. It is hard to believe that anyone could be gullible enough to send this man money.

Here is the transcript:

From: "jerry wilson"

Do you wish to be a member of the great Illuminati family,for the first time we are offering people the chance to join online and get them into this great family,being a member gives you the opportunity to have wealth, fame, protection and so many other things you may wish for,do you wish to be paid $5,000,000.00 weekly you can acquire all this if you are a member of this great family,your success is in your hands now and once you miss this you can't get it back so make up your mind and change your life around,if you ain't serious in being a member of this great family please neglect this offer but get back to us now if you are interested.

We await your response.

(EMAIL : [email protected])


That’s who emailed me: Jerry Wilson. And I recognise that email address as well!

Hey, don’t put my email address online without permission @ordinaryscambaiter#6206

@FuelDaFlame#6304 Is that really you?

Yep. @lz3bluThiccJ#6311