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Scammer’s Number: Unknown
Domains Used:Unknown
Extra Info: Sometime in June, I received an email from myself, asking for $1650 USD to not link my personal “information”. At first I wrote it off (it was a school email of mine, so there was nothing that was important on there), but then last month I received a second email, again from myself. Basically, it said that I had 2 days to send the money or they would leak “videos” (again, this was on a school account, so that was not possible). Well, I looked up the Bitcoin address, and surely enough, they’ve gotten 5 transactions worth quite a sum of money. I don’t really know where to go from here, so I came here.

This is a common scam, just ignore and delete, they have no videos of you.

should also notify your school administration and change your password so they can look into who is accessing your account.