Looking for help

Just starting to bait scammers

Looking for someone to help me out with general knowladge

I find this to be oddly suspicious… Maybe it’s just me.

Could you clarify what you want to do again?


There are so many videos online to watch. Learn from the pros. Go to youtube type in Scam baiting. There are videos by multiple people to show you how to setup a VM or ways to spoof #.

use vmware and call those madarchods pretending to be a real customer… also use some app like ninite to install a bunch of garbage on there to make it look real and perhaps a tacky wallpaper too!

@1337mathster#3598 maybe its the fact that the dude posted from an Indian timezone…but then again…I’m an Indian baiter too.

Looking for information on VPN,fireRTC and how to set up a vm properly before letting them access it

@jmilan0302#3606 cheers wasn’t awear of ninite

@Python7293#3640 There is no need for vpn if you use a virtual machine ( vm ). There are many vms available but most popular ones are VMware and Oracle. To change your caller id in fireRTC go to setting and change your caller id. So that’s all. I you have any questions ask me ! ?