Looking for a virtual number for these countries

Hello everyone,
Almost all of my youtube ads are about fake forex trading platforms. The thing with these scams is that you will need to fill out your info and wait for the scammers call instead of calling them directly. So when I tried doing so, I was only able to fill in a number from one of the countries below. I obviously wouldn’t like to give away my personal number for 1: there’s nothing really dumber than that and 2: I’ll be leaving to another country not included in the list which will cost loads of money as I will be roaming.
I once tried putting a number that only has WhatsApp working on it, but scammers then insisted on calling me instead of texting
So if anyone knows a virtual number provider (preferrably a one which doesn’t require KYC) for any of these countries I would really appreciate it

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Those countries are extremely hard to get a VoIP for the best thing you could do i Link a US Number to Google Voice

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does google voice have DIDs for countries other than US tho?

I think you can do US, Canada, and some European countries