Logo design competition - $50 reward

We need a new logo here at TLS (https://discord.gg/nUThJjK) and Scammer.info.

We need a new logo, which will be the same for both platforms.

We need something that’ll look great, and will represent us on both platforms.

To get designing and to submit your design, go to https://discord.gg/nUThJjK and check out our official server. To submit posts, check the post submission chats.

Have fun!


Is reward in USD currency?

@E_Pluribus_Unum#189800 from my understanding, it will be USD

@Neooom#189801 Do we need a PayPal or a bank account or can the winner get the money through sending cash in the mail?

@E_Pluribus_Unum#189808 probably not over mail because that can be expensive


You can either have:
$50 in Bitcoin, Bank Transfer (UK only), or PayPal

@thunder#189829 im banned off your server but still want to participate if you could shoot me a dm that would be nice

Is there a maximum number of submissions and what are the required dimensions?

@idkanim0#190402 No number of maximum submissions, the dimensions are 367x60

Any idea of when this ends?

@thunder#189829 Can you remotely connect to my computer and refund me the $50?

@AussieScamBuster#190706 Yes, but I will need access to your online banking while I black your screen out.

$50 !

Only $50, your meant to put $500 so u can steal $5000 when u remote into the pc. You don’t wanna be doing a $500 refund scam, thunder.

Anyways, good luck to everyone participating.

Good luck to everyone!!!

Im terrible at editing so will not be entering. I just wanted to say, they new update is awesome ! Great work

@thunder#190769 that doesn’t sound sus at all