Local Ponzi scammer ARRESTED

SOURCE: “This is the largest Ponzi scheme ever prosecuted in the Western New York district …” - WHEC.com

  • Christopher Parris of my hometown, Rochester, New York, was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for defrauding investors out of over $115 million through a Ponzi scheme and attempting to “sell” $125 million worth of N95 masks to the Veteran’s Administration.
  • Parris and his partner Perry Santillo operated the Ponzi scheme “Lucian Development” for over 10 years, using money from prior investors to purchase investment businesses and pitching bogus investments to further victims.
  • Most of their victims were older and ready to retire, entrusting Parris and Santillo with their retirement funds.

22 is too low, 30+ is perfect for this couple.

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