Loan scam ‪(917) 997-9901‬

Scam Number: ‪(917) 997-9901‬
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Synergy Finance Loan scam

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(303) 399-9999 8882693505

still active

303 999 9999 Talked with Vicky & told her what I wanted to do to her face. Ten I spoke with Robert who asked who I was & laughed at me when I said I wanted a loan. I asked if this was synergy finance and he replied “yes”. He asked who i was & I said I was “the guy who’s identity you were going to try to steal”. Scumbag just laughed again & hung up. Proceeded to leave as many voive messages that I could on every extension.

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still active / (917) 997-9901

917 997 9901 Hammered the sit out of this number so many times but they still seem to pick up. I don’t think they ever block anyone.

Interestingly enough 303-999-9999 now answers as Boesen Law. I asked the chick Mary (think that’s what she said) If this number used to be synergy financial & she told me no. I know that just yesterday it was synergy financial answering so what’s the deal? I told Mary a friend recommended them to me & asked what their lawfirm specializes in & she went down a whole list of things from life to auto to personal injury. I looked on Google really quick & there is a Boesen Law with 303-999-9999 listed as there number. Were the scammers re-routing the calls from this number somehow or Is this the same group of people playing Imposter to a law firm? Can someone call & tell me what the deal is with this number now? I’m very intrigued now.