Loan Forgiveness (833) 758-2394 & (888) 229-3411

VoIP numbers, and HFA Holdings.



Isn’t there a TON of shit on these motherfuckers on this site let alone elsewhere?? I remember that “company” name. Did a quick search on here and this is what I could find:

Pretty sure there is A LOT more to them though…


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None of the student loan numbers worked for me except 888 229 3411 which went to a voice mail that barely leaves you any time to record a message at all. I just made fart noises instead. The rest of the student loan numbers ring once and it says call did not go through. Not sure if the numbers are down or if I’m just blocked.

Yes, HFA Holdings is the same thing as Call 48 and IP Horizon. They were issued Cease-and-Desist notices by the FTC for turning a blind eye to illegal robocalls. They are a safe haven for scammers and spammers of all calibers.

You should still have their emails. You emailed them before and made them take down dozens of scammers’ numbers.

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At 5:45 PM Eastern I just tried the 888 229 3411 number, listened to some hold music for a couple of minutes only to get someone who picks up & doesn’t answer. I said hello is this HFA Holdings, call 48 or IP Horizon? I repeated that several times until the line disconnected & Got a callback from 877 358 5090 stating that they were with the federal loan forgiveness program & they just missed a call from my number. The number they contacted me on Identifies itself as simply “Student Services”. It rang & told me to hold for the next agent, played some hold music & then went to voicemail.