Live UK numbers

Morning all from the UK. Any numbers I find I will add directly from here

HMRC - 01146 697 3029

HMRC 01146975103

Paypal 0808 164 5334

Perfect! Where are you getting these from?

Tech support

0800 048 5500
secondly number called back on 01657 206 8590


I keep refreshing the home screen website and the comments in the queue sometimes people post numbers at the beginning. Its become pretty reliable for obtaining numbers

@DnBKiwi86#179925 messed with the paypal one for a little bit

@DnBKiwi86#179930 Oh yeah, sweet

I’ll get these reported

@Cyberlytical#179943 Where do you report these numbers too? Can I grab a chat with you on a call? Still new to this and I have a few questions

My fake email is [email protected] Ill be able to pick up your number from there. Ill be calling on a Liverpool number (0151)


HMRC - 203 991 0283


Where: The carrier, take for example </s>203 991 0283<e>

I’ll put it through a carrier lookup, to find who provides the number, in this case its </s>Frontier Communications of Connecticut<e>

Then I can send them an abuse report with some evidence, and they’ll cancel the number.

Getting on a call, can't right now. But I'm open for questions, maybe better you create a separate post though. Keep this one on topic to Live UK Numbers.

@DnBKiwi86#179961 These guys are asking for £2483 and the want a screenshot of the available funds before giving their account details. The email they want you to send to is [email protected]