Live faux CRA: 403-388-3689

2019/02/07: 403-388-3689: Lethbridge, AB, Canada phone provider Bell West.

Standard BS CRA script, small city that would NOT have a CRA enforcement department.

LOL, I give my name as Nate Shaw, and they hang up.

Give them Alanor Ryan lol Hangs up all the time lol

@SupportScamBreaker#74250 i said my name is Shad O’Lurkin lol

I have used the name “Justin Trudeau” and got as far as the BitCoins. I was using TextNow and didn’t realize I could record with fireRTC at that time.

The first thing he said was stop being loud mother f*cker The i asked him if he tired McDonalds he said yes lol