Live "Defender Firewall" refund scam

I was on with these guys for close to an hour. They insist they are in Florida yet they didn’t recognize my identity: Ulysses S. Grant, nor did they say anything when I list a birthdate of April 9, 1822. Nor do they know any French: my email address for them is [email protected]. (look up foutre toi in the French dictionary - I speak French and German) Idiots. When I called them out they insisted they were trying to get me a refund and cancel my subscription, yet when I asked them to tell me what they were cancelling they said gift cards. Their goal is to get you to log into your bank while they watch. They opened both anydesk and teamviewer. Completely incompetent .

Scammer’s Number: 1800-319-4503
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Dear User, Dated:- -12/07/2021
We are pleased to inform you that your annual maintenance contract has been auto renewed
successfully for next one year. Invoice for the same has been sent to your mailing
address. Your order details are as follows:-
Product name : - Defender Firewall
Technical Helpline : - Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM PST.
Order Number : - Defend/786.
Amount Paid : - $249.73(USD)
Customer id : - txt29757h1pnq.
Amount will appear on your statement within 48 hours of the charge. If you think this
charge has been done without your authorization please feel free to call us at
1800-319-4503, you can cancel this order within 24 hours from the date of charge.

Thanking you
Defender Firewall