Live CRA number which changed magically to the SSA scam!

289-237-3173 – Really bad woman scammer. She went from CRA to SSA in the same call! She did not understand First Nation or what an indigenous person was. When she got confused about she put me on hold and came back and said she was the SSA and that someone had stolen my identity and started the drug and money scam. I said WOW you are really bad at this and she swore at me and hung up.

[“Live CRA number”,“Live CRA number which changed magically to the SSA scam!”]

You missed when we went to a one Canada/USA gov’t? Trumpelthinskin annexed Canada last week.


I have seen a CRA number become IRS, and they rage when I ask why the IRS is calling with a Canadian number..

Still active

@Darrell64#63338 I had one where I was transferred from the CRA to the IRS and another where I he said he was the World Tax Organization.

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 778 736 1154

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 226 243 1849

Back to CRA the CRA today… got a mumble mouth who sounded like he was stoned… (Well Weed is now legal in Canada…) He had trouble pronouncing the street name, and the city name Ottawa. He repeated himself 4 or 5 times.

I kept to his script, even when I said I paid $10,500 in cash at the CRA Ottawa HQ, and I have an official receipt... Twenty minutes before he connected my to the restitution orificer. That guy got hinky when he saw their own number on the callerID. I hit the beep sound about every 30 seconds, the Higher Authority asked if I was recording the call, I said yes, I told the previous agent I would be recording this call, as I am disputing their claim.

hit them hard now I been working them for a while now and they are getting made and trying to block all my numbers!

@potikoutlaw#63501 I call them with their own number… I still can’t get a Francophone agent… LOL

@JusticeinTexas#63487 We are the Tax Company of the World… damn Illuminati

Maybe they should avoid nyms like Timothy, and stick with Joe or Jack..

They are tired now. Been hitting them for a while. Not in India. Possibly the Phillipines.

They changed their script, they mentioned my local Sheriff’s Office, odd previously it was local RCMPs. The higher authority was confused when they noticed I was calling with their number…

@Darrell64#63541 HAHA! You have to admit that was fast thinking on his part. I loved the badge number I…um CR. Then we are the CR…um IRS. ; )

@Darrell64#63544 Wow, I didn’t know you had Sheriffs in Canada. ; )

@JusticeinTexas#63487 Like W.H.O., we are the tax company of the world.

These are the most stupid scammers.

In June of this year “James Smith” (as heard in a YT video) had badge ID: IRM75179

In this audio clip he switches to CRA75179

@JusticeinTexas#63548 In Canada a Sheriff Officer is a court officer, aka a Bailiff in the USA. Normally the script is the RCMP. Previous call I made is a BitCoin payment, this was the first CRA that wanted an EFTPS woucher…

@drwat#63609 Still the wrong format for a CRA employee number they have a string of alpha-numerical characters that include the region, here it would be ONT.

Last week I rang this number a few times, one of the women told me “go fck yourself” , I went made a reply back and she actually started talking dirt. I was completely awes… , er, i mean disgusting !!

The number has gone
RIP CRA filth bitches :'(

@wirushunter#63699 I hate women scammers. They are worse to me than the foul mouthed men. I usually hang up on them when they answer and just post the number. Ugh… ; )

@Darrell64#63632 Oh, so they were going to send a court bailiff after you. How scary! ; )