Lithuanian police/Interpol scam

The message says you are suspected of several crimes like pedofilia, child porn etc. If you reply scammers asks payment of 2000-10 000 euros. If you don’t pay, you will be arrested.

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: JŪSŲ 19/12/2022 BYLA


Where do you think these guys are from? Typical West African boys?

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I believe they’re from some of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania) because their grammar is ok. I have received almost identical message in Finnish but their Finnish is not so good. There was also one funny mistake in Finnish version. The logo of local football association in top corner. Police logo was missing.


They’re active again. Same message from [email protected]

I pretended to be from the UK and from Canada but it doesn’t matter. Head of the Lithuanian criminal police bureau Algirdas Matonis is still going to arrest them.

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