List of numbers the carriers wont shut down

Another automated thread from Team Demurrage.

This one is focused on numbers where there is constant stalling from the customer or the carrier themselves and these numbers stay up for days and require constant emailing back for the most gratuitous reasons, this has become a massive problem for us and is taking up a lot of our time, any help from the community to do the job the carriers should be doing and get these numbers down will be very appreciated.


First addition to this thread, 8888955080 emailed to Plivo 3 days ago with still no action taken, the agent seemed more concerned over if we had a company website and who we actually are then the blatant fraud on their network.
After sending over information about who we were they ask for a website which I told the agent we didn’t have once I sent that the the agent went silent


I have attempted to communicate with them myself. I have only failed. We should keep trying. Maybe even try phoning them.