Links to scammer sites

I noticed that users here post links to scammer sites.

Links are power, and by posting their sites you're helping them.

I suggest using a format which isn't a link.

For example: example [dot] com instead of

@FatSecurity#5026 I don’t see how that would help. We require links to scammer sites to get more info about the company to make the bait more authentic.

@1337mathster#5029 It’s just about not helping THEM. Not every site you post here gets taken down, so that’s just a thought…

EDIT: I'm not saying not to post the address, just to avoid giving them any "link-juice" (

The thing is: if you post a link like this “oshgnacknak [dot] de” the Bots of Google can’t go there. So Google can’t show this site aka link to it. This also counts for other search engines. Like this and they can:

@FatSecurity#5026 Scammers don’t appreciate backlinking from a Scambaiting website. The people visiting this site are literate enough to know this community is dedicated to sharing scammer numbers, a link here isn’t going to cause harm, if anything the presence of the links will help potential victims if they happen to run across this site, without the links we are fully placing the odds of helping someone on them searching this forum for a URL which in your idea may not exist, as opposed to simply searching google and returning results on this site.

@FatSecurity#5030 Backlinking to them is actually a good idea because like R34P3R said, it will actually probably get this website into the search results for the scammer’s website/number. This site has a MOZ page authority of only 24, which means backlinks are worth pretty much nothing.

Thanks for all the responses!

I see what you mean. The benefit for users here may outweigh the "link-juice" aspect, so maybe my idea isn't as hot as I thought ?

If you search for numbers which were posted on this site, you should see the post on Might take a bit for Google to crawl the site so numbers won’t show instantly.