Linked Tech Support Scams

Main Site:

Number: 1-888-959-1003

Owner: Raj Kumar

Owner’s #: 91-874-397-8787

Owner’s Email: [email protected]

Partner Site #1:
(Index Page under renovation, other pages such as work)
Index Copy:
Number: 1-844-990-8999
Owner: Puneeti Singh Gandotra
Owner’s #: 586-453-2294
Owner’s Email: [email protected]

Partner Site #2:
Number: 1-877-373-9158
Owner: Lorena Monde
Owner’s #: 714-824-7025
Owner’s Email: [email protected]

**How I know that they are linked:**
I know that they are linked because I copied each websites source code and found that they were almost completely identical and that they were using images from each other.

**How I know that it is a scam:**
It is obviously a scam based off of the pricing, the look of the sites and the lack of knowledge of the people I talked to on the phone.

** Read if you are evil or want to take the scammers down: **
These sites are extremely vulnerable. They all contain revslider which is famous for being a vulnerable wordpress plugin, the xmlrpc.php is vulnerable, there are tons of SQL vulnerabilities, and tons more. Feel free to exploit some of the vulnerabilities so we can take down this linked scam.

Good find, nice work.


@FuelDaFlame#5838 Just because they use the same images and source doesn’t mean much. The only thing we can deduce from that is that they were either designed by the same website designer/framework, or they were designed by the same individual. It is extremely common among scammers to hire the same web developers, who often just change minor text, logos, and phone numbers on their fraudulent sites.