Lewis stream number

lewis tech stream number 18448096672 spam it!!

great ty m8.

edit: unavailiable already lol

@dotzek#2149 i know i spammed it with like 20 tabs at once

@grandmathief#2150 i just want to record them on my VM that’s a shame

@dotzek#2151 what’s your youtube

lol i kept spamming them with Tanha dil by Shaan

Shaan - Tanha Dil - YouTube

Haha, just got them good! Got to the point where i shared my “Credit Card Info” and then they said they would call me back when the process is done and it will take an hour, but i caught him looking through my browser history when i minimised the VM to hang up the hangouts call. My History was full of this website and then i had to expose them, shame really. Maybe i’ll try tommorow again but clear my history :confused: .

@grandmathief#2152 lol my chanel is “Dotzek0n”, but it’s mostly me playing guitar.