<legitimate business/removed>

Website: [Link Removed]

Phone Number: [Legitimate company, number removed]

**How I know it is a scam:**
Come on, Microsoft wouldn't name their subsidiary " - Microsoft Support ." Also their president is an Indian man who was a vendor before he joined IT. By vender they mean, "The guy who calls you at 5:30am to tell you that you won a $500 gift card and a free carnival cruise." Also, their website is extremely unprofessional and I was redirected to it.

**This thread is for Reaper, cp_reilly and all of the other Scammer.info users from Canada who need technical support from Microsoft in Canada.**

Feel free to reply to this thread with any other microsoftsupport.domain sites and I’ll compile an entire thread of them.

Error code 0x?

Why do you make 2 threads -

One with phone number

one “feel free to reply to the thread” to claim credit for compile a entire thread?

This is how u do it.

Website (link)

Phone (number)


(feel free to reply)

All in one post.

Because I was going to make a whole new thread. @Jnteamed#6569

This is a legitimate company, spoke with the owner and sorted everything out.


[“Another Microsoft Scam”,"<legitimate business/removed>"]

thank you Reaper.