Legalities w/ scambait fake bank account

Been talking with my buddy about creating a fake bank account website to toy with scammers and the subject of how much trouble we could get in came up. Anyone have experience with this and what can I do to ensure I don’t end up behind bars while trying to do this good deed.

I an not sure on the Legalities of it. But I am also working in a fake bank site. When I am doing is using a Vertical Network, with in my Virtual Box. I have a virtual LAN network, set up with windows 7 system running Xampp / Apache webserver. and I load up the fake bank website HTML /CSS files to it. Next I just change the host file on my ScamBait VM to point to the VM webserver. So I can type in my “Fake Bank’s Wedsite” and it wil take me to the page. So your fake bank website is not on the public internet, and just within your virtual LAN Network. Think of it as a honeynet. If you make a fake website using a service like Wix and publish the “fake Bank site” that might be against their terms of services. but that is just MHO. good luck

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as long as ur not doing anything malicious with it and you keep it on ur local networks like Logic said then u aint breaking any laws that i know of

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Try to not imitate a major bank if the website is exposed to the internet just create a bank name they don’t know the difference. If it is LAN only then I don’t think it matters because the only one exposed to it are you and a scammer. Further more you aren’t doing anything nefarious, except maybe baiting a scammer for lulz

It would be nice to hear what an actual lawyer has to say… Anyone here happen to be one?