"Legal Capital" / "Regal Capital Group" Funding Scam

Scam Number: (219) 867-2690
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:

Robocall from a male bot called “Henry” asking if your a business and want funding, they can “help”. BLAH BLAH BLAH, asks if you can also hear “him” okay - [Answer: YES, and answer YES again when prompted whether you’d like funding]. Bot asks Have you been in business for at least 6 months or more?" [Answer: YES] then asks “Does the business make at least $120,000 a year or more?” [Answer: YES]. Bot will then ask if you want to speak to a “funding advisor” [Answer: YES].

The funding advisor, in question, will ask typical information about your company, such as company name, what type of company are you and what industry your non-existent company is based in as well as company address and if you have a recent 6 month bank statement that shows you deposit at least $1,000 a month.

I told her my company was keysRus llc in the retail industry, selling everyones keys “kinda like a locksmith” (although I don’t think she heard me properly hahaha). She asked how much funding I roughly needed which I said was anywhere between $500k-$1m and she asked what my funding was going to be used for which I told her BUSINESS EXPANSION And ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT PURCHASES. She asked for my company address which I stalled and said I was looking for the documents which has the “head office” address etc, luckily she moved on pretty quickly. She asked for an email address, which she then sent me a “clixsign” document to sign, which I did - see pictures below. They will also ask what your annual business revenue yearly is which I said $300,000. You’ll receive a email from clixsign and a personal email from the scammer. The scammer will want you to email your bank statement privately to them. I asked her to call me back in the hour @ half past to stall. So I’ll update this post soon. If someone can edit me one to send, that’ll be amazing!

Turns out if you click onto the email to try “sign” it again, you’ll be presented with this:

If you click to view the document, you’ll be presented with the form in a webpage (html/pdf) and if you scroll down you’ll see an extra part attached known as the “Clixsign Completition Certificate” which will contain the alleged senders ip/sending entity details and YOUR IP / USER AGENT details. Thankfully I was using a VPN.

@OfclyGoodenough What do you know/can find about these bunch? Would be appreciated with whatever information is publicly available. :slight_smile:

Just got two texts from “Reyn Nape” @ (949) 312-9600

The first one might be delayed by the looks of it just some 20 or so minutes ago at the time of writing, the other received just now.

  1. “Hi (fake name), it’s Reyn Nape. Please see link below for your verification form. Click the link, create your signature, and once finished I’ll receive a copy of my end. (insert clixsign.com link here)”

  2. rnaperegalcapgroup.com

I sent her a text and told her the website doesn’t seem to work, she might have sent the wrong one.

Attached is a pointless voicemail she appears to have left:

She then sent me another much shorter voicemail after I told her about her first voicemail, pointless again - her audio settings must be fucked:

When searching up the company, the only link I could find that has the company logo on is:

In addition, other search results brought back these:

Regal Cap Group Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of regalcapgroup.com (wow, check out those 1 star reviews - then check out those so called 5 star reviews, looks like friends/families/“employees” wrote them).

Voicemails from “Reyn” earlier:

Also found them on Linkedin:

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also, I was looking on jorns cpa firm a bit more and I found on this page that they clearly used boiler plate language from a company called “Pinehurst.”

"By clicking “Apply Now”, you

(i) consent to receiving telemarketing calls and messages, including calls using an automatic telephone dialing system, from Pinehurst Funding and those acting on its behalf at the telephone number you have provided above (including your cellular phone number); agree that this consent applies even if the number you have provided is currently on any state, federal, or corporate Do-Not-Call registry; and understand that you are not required to provide this consent as a condition of receiving any credit or services from Pinehurst and that you may apply for business credit by contacting us directly; and

(ii) acknowledge that you have read pinehurst’s Application Agreement and Privacy Policy and understand that you may opt out of receiving communications of your choice from Pinehurst as provided in the Privacy Policy.

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Hi! I’ve been getting tons of calls from them too. They keep using new numbers to call me every single day. It’s driving me nuts, I can’t even block them because they use new numbers. So I was doing some research and found this thread. Thanks for posting it!!!

So, the email that you received goes to “regalcapgroup.com” but there is another website called Jorns CPA Firm using that
same logo, but in yellow. On that site, it says their email is “[email protected]”. I tried their number and it also seems invalid. Another thing to note is that both companies are listing the same address (1309 Coffeen Avenue, STE 1200, Sheridan WY 82801).

Doing a search of “jornscpafirm” eventually brought me to a place called Jorns & Associates with the same url, but the when I went to the site, it says the site has moved. The new site is https://jornstax.com/ and they supposedly have offices in Wichita KS, Rochester NY, Akron OH, Picayune MS. Their address for paments is PO box in Wichita KS, but then it randomly says “for mail send to 30 N Gould St, Suite 23809, Sheridan WY 82801.”

Anyway, according to the Open Corporates Database (which searches info from state registries), Regal Capital Group, LLC is registered to 1309 Coffeen Ave address.

It also shows their company number: 2021-001049751, which I used to look them per Wyoming Secretary of State. Here, it shows a registered agent of “Cloud Peak Law LLC” and an organizer of “Andrew Pierce”, both of whom share the address of 1095 Sugar View Dr STE 500, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801.

Looking up Cloud Peak Law LLC on the Secretary of State shows both the Sugar View Dr and Coffeen St addresses and says they are still active.

If I do a search for “Andrew Pierce, Wyoming” I found this company called Wyoming Trust & LLC Attorney. Andrew Pierce is one of the people working at the firm halfway down the page. His bio says: “Andrew is a paralegal for the firm. He likes to say he doesn’t sell Wyoming LLCs because he is in Wyoming, but is in Wyoming for the LLCs. Prior to WY, he lived in the Caribbean where he owned a successful business development company. During this time he learned to navigate the various tax regimes each island offered to maximize value for his investors. This is where he honed his expertise in corporate structuring. He has a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, with a minor in Economics, awarded from F.A.U. in Boca Raton, Florida.” This site shows an address of “Cloud Peak Law Group, P.C., 1309 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan, WY 82801”, phone (307) 683-0983 and email [email protected].

So these guys are attorneys who help form companies I guess. So Capital Regal Group is … registering to their address? Seems weird because a bunch of companies are citing Cofeen Ave as their mailing address and principle address.


Looks like these clowns are back at it again.


The caller had Pakistani like accent.

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Doing a quick google search of just “Regal Capital” comes up with quite a few businesses by that name. Only a few come up as loan providers though. It is possible that none of these companies are responsible for the calls though as a lot of fraud is performed by impostors. Every so called official number I could find for Regal Capital Group is not in service. I think it may be a defunct company being used by scammers but since I can’t seem to find what appears to be an official number linked to that company name, I cannot corroborate my hunch.

I received a call from a prolapsed Pakistani asshole for a business loan & baited this callback number out of him. 786 216 1900 That number is from the same person that called me going by the name Denmark & is sill active.

I called the 713 701 5211 number from this link Regal Capital Group LLC (based in Texas; USA) | FCA and a man with an Indian/ Paki accent did answer the phone, but since the reported number in the link was old I don’t think it is viable. Without stating the purpose of my call I asked if this number is a business or a residence. I was told it was a residence & the man stated that he had this number for quite a long time & seemed generally confused so I believe he was telling the truth.

Interestingly enough, I found this company https://www.yelp.com/biz/regal-capital-investment-irvine which has a similar name & has been reported making spam phone calls by hundreds of different numbers as well. I’m not sure if they are part of the equation of just a separate scam company altogether. The number listed doesn’t work though.

On one last note I just wanted to state that there is a jewelry buying business in Atlanta Ga. that got caught in the crossfire by people mistakingly targeting them because they have the word “lenders” in their name. At first when I called I got hung up on 3 or 4 times. Then on the 5th try the woman on the other end gave my a moment to speak & explain myself. She apologized for hanging up on me repeatedly & went on to state that she did so because she keeps getting nasty calls & when she saw that I was calling from a blocked number she assumed I was just one of those.

I told her I just wanted information because someone called me claiming they were from Regal Capital & she actually filled me in by saying that people have been calling her complaining about the exact same thing for at least 2 years & whenever she tries to explain that it’s not them she is met with more expletives & bombarded even more. I asked her about her F rating on the BBB website & she stated that she has reached out to them a few times to try to get them to take the reviews down but has not had any luck yet so she was afraid that she may have to hire a lawyer to resolve things. Seeing that the reviews on the BBB website are fairly new, it made me believe her story was true.

She actually was a sweet lady that pleaded with me to write a BBB review of my own explaining the situation but I told her I would do one better & post on the fraud prevention websites about what I thought was going on. I explained that I couldn’t guarantee how many people would take notice but I would give it a shot. So once again Regal Capital Lenders is not the same business that is spamming people about business loans.


NEW NUMBER: ‪(970) 233-3521‬ (IP Horizon)

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one or two more

3328675125 Regal capital
3328675127 Regal capital
3328675128 Regal capital
3328675131 Regal capital
3328675135 Regal capital
3328675136 Regal capital
3328675138 Regal capital
3328675139 Regal capital
3328675141 Regal capital
3328675142 Regal capital
3328675143 Regal capital
3328675145 Regal capital
3328675149 Regal capital
3328675150 Regal capital
3328675152 Regal capital
3328675153 Regal capital
3328675154 Regal capital
3328675155 Regal capital
3328675159 Regal capital
3328675160 Regal capital
3328675161 Regal capital
3328675162 Regal capital
3328675163 Regal capital
3328675165 Regal capital
3328675167 Regal capital
3328675170 Regal capital
3328675171 Regal capital
3328675172 Regal capital
3328675173 Regal capital
3328675175 Regal capital
3328675176 Regal capital
3328675177 Regal capital
3328675178 Regal capital
3328675179 Regal capital
3328675180 Regal capital
3328675181 Regal capital
3328675182 Regal capital
3328675183 Regal capital
3328675184 Regal capital
3328675185 Regal capital
3328675186 Regal capital
3328675187 Regal capital
3328675188 Regal capital
3328675189 Regal capital
3328675190 Regal capital
3328675191 Regal capital




I think they are all Commio lines, best to report at [email protected]

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NEW NUMBER: ‪(848) 208-0633‬ (IP Horizon)

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