LED Lighting / Shower Head Victorian Gov Rebate scam


1st time poster so if i’m doing this wrong let me know

Getting lots of calls from Kolkata people about LED Lighting / Shower Head Victorian Gov Rebate (Australia)
asking if you have had the rebate and then passing you on to others to send you the money
using this number 001164216541133 (it's not genuinely from New Zealand)

If you start reading the local Indian Takeaway menu to them and place an order
they get very frustrated and eventually hang up
to keep them on the line for longer
tell them at the start you will provide the credit card details to charge the order to
they stay on the line for ages waiting for that

The longest i have hooked one for was 1 hour 37 minutes and at the end he told me he wasn't the takeaway i got disconnected from
he also sounded very tired by the end