La Pura anti aging Cream scam (877) 701-1128

La Pura sells questionable “anti aging” cream. Straight up scamming people.

Their Amazon page:

(877) 701-1128

BBB rating F:
TrustPilot 1.6 stars of 71 reviews:

Funny the agent straight up lied to me. He told me that it was a 1 time payment, which contradicts their terms & conditions which says it will automatically bill you $93.42 a month if you dont cancel. I also asked the same question to another agent earlier and she told me it was a 1 time payment also.

Extra resource: A video by CBC News investigating these kinds of scams:

La Pura. Something came in the mail for you today its something you didnt order. It says... (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) rekt

BBB files indicate that the products listed in this BBB Business Profile have a pattern of complaints concerning unauthorized and/or unexpected charges and unresolved refund disputes.

A victim writes:
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. They are a scam and they will continue to debit your account, until you block them!! I can't believe they are still in Business!! I know that people have turned them into the BBB, so hopefully soon they will be Out Of Business!!