Krish.Tech (877)-552-9914

4409 68th Street La Mesa, CA 91942



Played the long con this morning--72 minutes with these fellows. Played the "Fast Support send an invalid response" game and went through 3 techs before they concluded my IP was infected with wiruses and spywares from Russia (seriously--he said Russia). They gave up and offered me "network services" for $199.99 USD a month. I agreed wholeheartedly of course--was passed to another fine young man who offered me "lifetime support" on all of my dewices. And again I agreed wholeheartedly--because I would save so much money! (It's all about saving money!) My total order for all dewices was a bargain of $999.99 USD. I calmly gave out my fake credit card info which they promptly ran. When it was declined I simply told them they must have made a mistake--they never asked for the name on the card (LOL) They then called the bank--and I told them I had already called on the other line to get it approved from STRONGTECHSUPPORT. I asked for his email so I could send him the "confirmation" from the back and he gave it to me: [email protected] I "emailed" (not really) it to him and when he didn't receive it, I told him his email server must be corrupted--perhaps with a wirus. So, he asked for another card and we went through all of this again. They got increasingly agitated and they kept switching "Senior Technicians to Billing Department to Senior Supervisor...etc.

Finally, after over an hour of being incredibly patient, polite, and "not knowing anything about computers"--I busted him and revealed.

Nothing like the sound of stunned silence--I thought I heard tears as he hung up.

@blazennoiseboy#34817 The IP address here is wrong. It should be (Spacenet Internet Services Pvt Ltd, Delhi). I’m not sure where you got that IP from, but I have the wireshark trace proving this Delhi address.

A few more numbers for them:
Number on popup: +1-833-671-9450
Number quoted on their website: 844-293-1856
Number quoted by an agent: 888-736-2396


@JimBrowning11#34836 Thanks for the update. When I pinged that is what came up.

sites down

These Indian scammers from New Delhi have added a new website:

Various names they use:

Aspire Marketing

Media Center

American IT Service

Krish Tech

Good Karma

Site is up again and 18775529914 works, seems like they have a very busy callcenter

Calling them now, I am going to see how they handle Linux.

o my lols they asked me how many pcs i have and i said 27 they said oooooh my gosh then hanged up