Known Pedophile back on Tik Tok

Guys this guy called Mark Feely is a known child predator, he has been caught out multiple times by Child Predator Groups trying to meet a under age child. All that happens is he is moved to a different location in the UK.

I have been tracking him for over a year now watching as they moved him from one area in the UK to another.

He is now back on TikTok and I need your help urgently

Please Retweet this @TikTok

Meet Britains 'most Protected' Paedophile Mark Feely – UKNIP

He was on Reddit too and there was a vid of him getting his ass beat by someone’s dad, I can’t find the link right now.

@ToxicJ#169344 Anything you say is suspect: YOU DOXXED several people recently. You are going to be banned from EVERYWHERE you dolt!